Deep Learning applications

The disruptive technology of Deep Learning has been widely developed in recent years around the world. Research laboratories and universities have increased their research, the largest companies have invested in the field, and the applications have diversified. Artificial intelligence and finance, medicine, marketing… Discover the applications of Deep Learning:

notre solution Robank Hood

Today, Artificial Intelligence has not yet fully taken over the world of finance. 

At Robank Hood, we see this as a gap for professionals in the field, but also for companies and stock exchanges. Thus, we decided to take the lead in automated trading and financial prediction through Deep Learning. 

Deep Learning applied to trading gives ANA, the Artificial Intelligence specialized in trading. Automating tasks, saving time and helping to make decisions : Artificial Intelligence and finance, discover the advantages.

Deep Learning is now a booming technology. Thanks to the diversification of research and technological advances that have emerged in this field over the last few decades, more and more sectors of activity have seized upon this cutting-edge technology. Beyond Artificial Intelligence and finance, today, Deep Learning is used for many causes: medical care, security prevention, aerospace research… the fields of application are numerous and serve humans in various ways.

Deep Learning

Thus, activities and applications are multiplying around the Deep Learning technology. But what is it? How is it built? Discover the nooks and crannies of Deep Learning.

Born from Artificial Intelligence, this technology has evolved rapidly and increasingly since the 1950s. Learn more about our Artificial Intelligence for trading.