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Portefeuille de tading

Build your portfolio.

Focus on building your trading portfolio.

Stratégie de trading

Set your strategy.

Set up the Artificial Intelligence according to the strategy you wish to adopt for your trades.

logiciel de trading

Maximize your trades.

Let Ana analyze the markets and optimize the trades for you.

Our Decision Support Software

Robank Hood provides a decision support software for the crypto-currency markets available under Binance. It uses a Pair Trading strategy to make trades (buy / sell) in perfect autonomy according to the investment portfolio chosen by the trader.

Our Artificial Intelligence Ana connects to your Binance trading platform, giving you access to the power of Deep Learning during your trading sessions.

The combination of our AI and trading expertise allows us to offer an advanced autonomous solution. Thanks to the technology we have developed, we can maintain stable performance over the long term, regardless of the economic climate.

Appli Logiciel d'aide à la décision

Ana, the Artificial Intelligence of Trading

Ana is the first Artificial Intelligence solution specialized in trading and Crypto currencies markets. The Artificial Intelligence developed uses an autonomous learning system : Deep Learning. This science allows our Artificial Intelligence to work in perfect autonomy :

auto apprentissage


Thanks to its unique Deep Learning technique, Ana is completely autonomous in her learning.

Auto trading

Autonomous in trade management

By learning on her own, she is able to understand how the Crypto currency markets work, and to self-regulate the investments she makes.

gestion du risque

Autonomous in risk management

Through her experience in the crypto-currency markets, she has learned how to manage the risks associated with trading.

Thanks to its operation, our AI Ana learns to trade by itself, keeping a strict risk management thanks to its daily self-learning.

Ana is already trading