Financial analysis and Deep Learning

ANA, our Artificial Trading Intelligence, is specialized in stock market speculation and performs daily trades on the financial markets. To ensure the performance of the trades it makes and to optimize the results of its investments, we have integrated and taken into account the importance of financial analysis in the daily work of ANA.

Thanks to the Deep Learning technology of which it is composed, the AI has a combination of technology that allows it to perform predictive analysis:

réseaux de neurones
Deep Learning
which is used to learn how to carry out its trades

big data_robankhood
Big Data Access

which allows him to access real market data, as well as to refer to millions of trades already made.

algorithme mathématiqueUnique mathematical algorithms
that allow it to follow quantitative finance models

Financial risk management

gestion du risque financier

Thus, ANA is able to perform daily financial analysis. Thus, it can perform the most optimized buying and selling of trades.

ANA is set up to have high financial risk management. Thanks to its learning system, its big data access and the algorithms that constitute it, ANA ensures high risk management.

Quantitative Finance

Quantitative finance is at the heart of our trading solution. With our Artificial Intelligence, you can apply the principles of quantitative management. Composed of algorithms, ANA allows us to fully automate the process of buying and selling trades. Thus, we can capitalize on the performance of measured mathematical and scientific values. Learn more about quantitative finance in our Artificial Intelligence.

trading quantitatif

Thanks to the cutting-edge technology that makes up ANA, Deep Learning, we can offer you an automatic trading solution that provides strong risk management and allows you to perform quantitative trading completely autonomously.