Artificial Intelligence

Since its first sketches in the 50’s, Artificial Intelligence has made a lot of progress. Today, it can be found in a multitude of professional and domestic fields. To better understand Deep Learning, a discipline in its own right, let’s take a look at this fascinating technology that is becoming more and more important in our daily lives.

Advances in Artificial Intelligence

histoire intelligence artificielle

For several years now, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning have experienced a real boost in terms of research. We still remember, in 1997, the chess match of the century. Between Garry Kasparov and Artificial Intelligence, Deep Blue won the game!

Between intense investments and loss of development power, relive the highlights of the evolution of Artificial Intelligence through the key stages of its development.

Today, we hear a lot about Artificial Intelligence. This technology arouses both a lot of interest and curiosity, but also many fears from consumers, companies and even politicians. How can we make sure we don’t lose control of this cutting-edge technology? How to use Artificial Intelligence to serve human jobs? Let’s discover together the problems of Artificial Intelligence.

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Deep Learning is a sub-category of Artificial Intelligence that has also been in the news a lot lately. Find out what’s behind Deep Learning and discover the sectors that are increasingly exploring and adopting this technology.