Automatic trading is a strategy that allows the trader to stop doing the simple tasks of buying and selling in his daily activity. Today, there are solutions such as trading robots. At Robank Hood, we have developed a unique solution: an Artificial Intelligence trading system based on Deep Learning technology.

logiciel trading automatique

Combining Artificial Intelligence and trading allows traders to benefit from various advantages. Acceleration of time-consuming and low value-added tasks, improved trade performance, increased risk management, focus on portfolio strategy… Thanks to its expertise in financial markets, ANA becomes a real strategic tool. Thus, it accompanies traders in the realization of their daily tasks. Discover the advantages of trading with an Artificial Intelligence specialized in automatic trading.

With the emergence of digitalization of work tools, traders have seen the arrival of trading robots. These tools have the characteristic of trading automatically on the markets. This allows the trader to detach himself from the time-consuming and repetitive tasks of buying and selling trades. What is the difference between ANA, Artificial Trading Intelligence, and trading robots ? Learn how trading robots work and the financial risks they can create for trading professionals.

robot de trading automatique

The Artificial Trading Intelligence we have developed at Robank Hood allows traders to trade autonomously while having high risk management. Find out why and how ANA limits the risk of financial loss.

In addition, ANA follows the principle of quantitative management. Between algorithms and big data access, discover how Artificial Intelligence Trading will serve your quant trading strategy.