What is Deep Learning ?

At the heart of our Artificial Intelligence trading solution is Deep Learning (DL). But what is DL ? How does it work ? How can it be used for trading ?

Deep Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence, which has the particularity of being able to learn by itself. It consists of artificial neural networks that can read information from millions of data. Thus, it can understand the data it processes. In other words, the DL is an autonomous artificial intelligence.

Thanks to the expertise it accumulates as it learns, the machine becomes more powerful and competent than Man himself. Composed of big data access, algorithms and neural networks, it can enter into a self-learning process.

deep learning vs marchine learning

Deep Learning VS machine learning

Deep Learning, Autonomous Artificial Intelligence, is also a branch of Machine Learning (itself a subset of Artificial Intelligence). When we use Machine Learning, we feed the algorithms by giving them access to a big data database, but we do not let the algorithms learn directly by themselves. With Machine Learning, we will first give the answer to the machine, and then we will train it to find this answer in the data it processes. But what is the difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning ?

Thanks to the rise of technology, DL has developed in many fields. Discover the applications of Deep Learning : trading, medicine, social networks… there are many possibilities to integrate DL in your business today.

Deep Learning is an autonomous Artificial Intelligence  : discover the history of Artificial Intelligence and the development of this technology through the last decades.