Artificial Intelligence and Trading, what are the advantages ?

Trading ChronophageIt is a time consuming activity

Trading requires a very high time investment. For optimal results, traders must constantly be in front of their screens and analyze the markets.

Trading intensifIt is a psychologically intense activity

Trading requires concentration at all times. You need to have exceptional emotional resilience in the face of the pressure that the trader is under in his daily work.

With oure Artificial Trading Intelligence, focus only on the strategic elements of trading, not on its operational constraints.

Automatic trading solution

Ana, the Deep Learning solution specialized in financial markets and trading that we have developed, allows traders to trade autonomously: it is autonomous in its risk management and in the investments it makes. This technology allows us to offer you an automatic trading solution and to help traders in their daily tasks. With our artificial intelligence, your trading activity will be automated. Ana will make the trades for you, saving you a lot of time. You will be able to focus on your trading strategy rather than on the trades themselves.

Logiciel de trading

AI and Trading: High Risk Management

Ana allows traders to perform advanced financial analysis when using the financial market decision support software

Thanks to the Deep Learning technology, a self-learning system, Ana is able to have a high level of risk management. This high level of risk management allows it to offer real stability of performance from one year to the next.

Ana has an analytical system integrated into the solution. This way, traders can see the results of their trades in real time and analyze their performance.