Using Deep Learning in trading means strong financial risk management. This technology, which constitutes our Trading AI, ANA, allows us to offer you financial analysis and risk management tools.

Autonomous learning model

Our Artificial Intelligence is based on Deep Learning technology. This means that it consists of neural networks that constantly communicate with each other and are able to analyze the market potential. Thanks to the deep learning technology, the Artificial Intelligence specialized in decision support on financial markets is able to detect the best time to invest, and the sales opportunities. Thanks to a big data access, it is connected to the real live markets and makes optimized decisions to ensure the performance of trades and have a high financial risk management.

Financial risk management

Thanks to this trading technique, ANA, the Deep Learning solution specialized in financial markets, has a very high financial risk management.

The AI is restricted to the fields of action that we have set up. Thus, it cannot take risks in the same way that a trader can take risks during his activity. Its investments are limited, which also limits the probable losses on the markets.

Moreover, ANA being fully automated, it follows the logic of mathematical models and relies on the trading strategies entered by the traders when setting up the software. It will thus strictly follow the traders’ indications. It manages risk through strict money management.

For several months, we have been trading on the real markets with our Artificial Intelligence. We manage to outperform the markets, while ensuring a strong control of the risk. We have also integrated an analytical tool into the software that allows us to analyze the performance of trades and readjust the trading strategy.