Artificial Intelligence in finance is mainly intended to make the time-consuming daily tasks performed by professionals in the field more efficient and faster. AI is specialized in trading, allowing automatic trading.

Artificial Intelligence and Trading

ANA, the Artificial Intelligence we have developed, is specialized in trading. We built it based on the unique technology of Deep Learning. It can thus enable the trader to implement an automatic trading strategy.

Automatic trading

trading autonome

Ana’s mission is to buy and sell trades. We have designed it to improve the performance of trades, while having a high control of financial risk. Connected to a big data access, ANA is able to trade both stock indices, take into account geopolitical factors and evaluate investment opportunities in the markets.

Why Deep Learning in Trading ?

deep learning trading

The goal of ANA is to address several issues:

It is important to know that 84% of traders lose money when they trade. Trading is a source of intense psychological risk for the trader. Indeed, he can lose large amounts of money in a few seconds. In addition, trading is a relatively time-consuming activity for trading specialists. The real interest of trading lies in the implementation of a portfolio strategy rather than in the simple buying and selling of trades. Thus, we have designed ANA, a fully autonomous Artificial Intelligence, which performs the trades itself according to the trading strategy adopted by the market operator.

Other financial trading automations

In recent years, other forms of trading automation have emerged. We can mention in particular the arrival and development of trading robots, which allow to make trades automatically. What is the difference between trading robots and Artificial Intelligence ?