Automatic trading robot: one of the solutions of automatic trading.

What is an automatic trading robot ?

robot de trading

Automatic trading robots are computer programs dedicated to the practice of trading. To make trades, the trading robot will follow the market trends. It is based on statistical studies made available on the stock market, on which it relies.

Like Artificial Intelligence, the trading robot will allow the trader to focus on tasks with higher added value than buying and selling trades.

Generally speaking, the trading robot is more accessible to people who are just starting out in trading. Since it trades automatically, it is usually sufficient to follow the robots’ directions to make the trades.

Risks of the automatic trading robot

The trading robot only follows the instructions from the computer program it is made up of. The decisions taken may therefore contain errors. Indeed, the robot does not have all the market information to make fully optimized trades.

Furthermore, trading robots are parameterized according to the state of the market. Thus, in periods of high market volatility (or conversely, low market volatility), some robots do not read the environment favorably and the risk of losses is greater.

Indeed, trading robots do not adapt autonomously to the market. Manual intervention is required to update the algorithms.

Artificial trading intelligence

Unlike a trading robot, the Artificial Trading Intelligence we have developed has real-time, accurate market information and, thanks to Deep Learning, makes optimized decisions. Discover ANA, the Artificial Intelligence for Trading, based on the unique technology of Deep Learning.