Deep Learning VS machine learning, what differences ?

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. This discipline is nowadays and for a few years in full expansion. Progress is rapid and results are promising.

What are the benefits of
Machine Learning ?

Machine Learning has allowed us to create algorithms and solve problems that are too complex for human capabilities. Its main role is to unload the complexity of problems to humans. This technology gives computers the ability to learn.

The learning of
Machine Learning

Machine Learning learns by training. We start by giving the machine several examples of an element, such as a photograph of a human face for example. The machine will analyze several thousand images of human faces. Then it will end up recognizing human faces itself, since it will have learned to recognize them. The more human faces it has seen, the more it will be able to recognize them. So the more data it has to analyze, the better it gets.

The limits of
Machine Learning

Machine Learning does not always give reliable results, because it is very difficult for a machine to perfectly recognize an element. This is the case for voice recognition. Indeed, voices, intonations, accents or expressions are too changeable. This is where Deep Learning comes in.

Deep Learning VS Machine Learning

What is the Deep Learning ?

Deep Learning is a key technology that has enabled real breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence research. Thanks to the algorithms developed by university researchers and companies (notably GAFAM), we are now able to make correct identifications in all circumstances: there is no more error.

Thanks to Deep Learning, algorithms can take into account an infinite number of specifications while optimizing the results obtained. Indeed, its comprehension and analysis capacities are possible thanks to the neural networks that constitute the Artificial Intelligences based on the Deep Learning technology.

Difference between Deep Learning and Machine Learning

The learning system of Deep Learning is different from that of Machine Learning. With Deep Learning, the machine has access to millions of data (Big Data), which it will analyze, identify and assimilate. Thanks to this work of understanding the data, it will learn by itself to optimize the results. The learning process is much longer, since the machine learns by itself in several steps to reach the result it is looking for. Learn more about Deep Learning

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