Ana : our Artificial Intelligence

The 3 pillars of our unique Deep Learning technology

reseau neuronal _ robank hood

Artificial neural networks

Configured like a human brain, it allows our Artificial Intelligence to learn autonomously.Thus, our solution is perfectly autonomous: self-learning, self-regulation, self-management of risk. It outperforms and surpasses the human ability to analyze situations and trade while limiting risk.

big data_robankhood

Big Data

It allows our AI to access millions of data from the financial markets. Thus, it can feed its trading knowledge. This pillar makes our Deep Learning solution fully expert thanks to the knowledge it has generated since 2018, during its first trades on real markets.

algo mathématique _ robank hood

A unique mathematical system

Developed by the founders of Robank Hood, it consolidates our Artificial Intelligence and allows it to be effective.

Artificial neural networks,
how does it work


The development of the decision support software allowed us to train ANA to trade in the financial markets. Thus, she was able to develop her knowledge on the real markets and on how to optimize the trades she makes on a daily basis.


Thanks to its learning process, ANA is able to regulate its investments in the financial markets, and thus reduce the risk incurred when trading.

Auto-gestion du risque

The Big Data access and the knowledge it has developed on the financial markets allow it to have a very high risk management, thus minimizing the losses related to the investments. 

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Artificial Intelligence for trading

Deep Learning technology is at the heart of our solution. This new technology opens up a new spectrum of Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to self-learning, our solution surpasses human competence in trade analysis and management.

Thanks to its autonomous learning, Ana, our Deep Learning solution learns to trade on its own in the markets in which it operates. Its digital brain, composed of a network of artificial neurons, allows it to outperform human skills and to outperform the market. Thanks to this technology, our AI is improving day by day and is constantly learning to optimize its trades.

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